Decolletage and Lipstick

Life in a foreign land laced with humor

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I'm finally legal ( this is actually the 20th anniversary of my 21st birthday)! So when a friend suggests that we go out for a girls night out to celebrate well of course I'm up for it. Um, do they have a Sizzler early bird special here? We'll be home by 9 right? Oh, can someone else drive because I can no longer determine which lane cars are in at night. And I packed my reading glasses in my ...

About The Post
An outing by Marie, an American living in Morocco and her two girl friends on a Saturday evening on her birthday. A dinner at a restaurant at a mall followed by some time at a club with no dancing. A great writing style laced with humor.

The Post

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Today’s picture is of a paddy field in our valley.

Picture by My Blogworld - The Best from the Blogosphere

The Paddy Field